Pakistan gear up for FIFA World Cup qualifiers next month-Xinhua

Pakistan gear up for FIFA World Cup qualifiers next month

Source: Xinhua

Editor: huaxia

2024-05-21 19:05:15

ISLAMABAD, May 21 (Xinhua) -- Pakistan's national football team has begun preparing for upcoming FIFA World Cup qualifiers against Saudi Arabia and Tajikistan, the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) said on Tuesday.

The PFF stated that the team is scheduled to play a home match against Saudi Arabia on June 6 in the country's capital, Islamabad.

Following that match, the team will travel to Tajikistan to play another qualifier on June 11. Pakistan is placed in Group G, along with Saudi Arabia, Tajikistan and Jordan.

A total of 36 football teams have been split into nine groups of four in the second round of qualifiers. The winners and runners-up from each group will progress to the third round of the World Cup qualifiers.

"Head coach Stephen Constantine is leading the team's preparations, focusing on refining their skills and tactics for the encounter against one of football's powerhouses, Saudi Arabia," said the PFF.

"This event goes beyond the pitch as it symbolizes unity, identity, and pride for our nation. It's not just about securing a spot on the global stage; it's about using football as a unifying force and rekindling the passion of football enthusiasts across Pakistan," added the PFF.